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Hoover Hardwood Floor Buffer

The Hoover H3060 has a couple of plus points which were found missing on other models. For instance it has provision for interchangeable spin brush that enables you to reach the difficult areas and get tge job done sooner. And there is a cuddy too that holds the required cleaning agent and the tools. It needs no assembly and all that you have to do is to add water and solution before getting started. But as we all know there is nothing free in this world, you should not mind paying a little extra for these features. Depending upon your source of purchase the price of this floor buffer may vary from $160 to $180.

Despite its being costlier, it offers value for money. For instance the grout and brush can so conveniently be changed that your grandmother would love to do that. Apart from the needed cleaners, the cuddy is designed to hold extra tools and an additional cleaner, lest one should get finished in the middle of its cleaning job. In totality it is equipped with a telescopic wand and swivel nozzles, an upholstery brush and two cleaners, one each for grout and hardwood or sealed floors.

It offers the convenience of shutting off the brush roller with your foot. Telescopic wand with its eight feet long attachment enables you to reach any crack or crevice without an extra effort. All that it needs to clean your floor apart from already added water and cleaners is to switch it on for an effortless cleaning operation. Another advantage that can’t be ignored is the design of the handle that can easily be folded up before storing the machine.

It is very safe for cleaning of all types of floors like marble, ceramic, wooden or vinyl. It is not uncommon to use it with want-attachments for cleaning of even grout between the tiles of shower. That makes the job so much easier!

There are minor limitations too that you could afford to ignore easily. Length of the cord at eight feet is rather short but you could easily shift the machine to reach other areas. Another limitation could be the capacity of the tank to hold just a quarter gallon of water. Unless you have a very small kitchen, you would be asked to replace it at least once during the operation. But, replacing dirty water of any tank has never been a pleasant experience!

Despite minute limitations this wet/dry vacuum and floor buffer is worth its price, though on a slightly higher side. Provision of extra attachments that are so easy to use, saves a whole lot of time. You’ll not regret your decision of having got one.


deepali said...

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Tiffanny said...

This was an interesting video, thank you! In the article you say that it’s safe to clean wood floors with this. I am considering solid wood flooring and I am looking for cleaning options now. This hoover polisher looks interesting, but do you need to polish a wood floor?

Anonymous said...

I just had solid wood flooring installed. I use old fashioned bowling alley wax. Butchers was my brand, but it is no longer made. I called the company, and they sent me their replacement wax. $18.oo per pound can!!! It is nice wax, but it does not have the wonderful smell that Butchers had. I got the Tiger wood.