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Buffing Your Hardwood Floors

Our hardwood floors lose shine over time, no matter how often we clean them and wax them. But this doesn't mean that you should replace the whole flooring. Those scratches and nicks can be dealt with with the help of a floor buffer. Leave the floor replacement for some other time, because it won't be necessary.

Buffing hardwood floor is a less expensive and messy alternative to take. It is somewhat a new technique that is used to revive hardwood flooring. If this technique is used in the right way, your surface will definitely get a new look - shiny one.

Before we start to explain what is buffing all about, lets say it is not a solution to any situation. If the flooring surface is damaged seriously, then a machine won't be able to erase all those scratches and marks. And since there won't be any shine here either, it is best to refinish the whole wood flooring. The buffing is an option only when there are minor scratches involved. Some gaps, light wear and gouges are perfectly fine and can be repaired.

When you use a buffing machine or a scrubber, it is like preparing your surface for a new finish. This is because finish would quickly peel off it there isn't any buffing.

The machine, floor scrubber or buffer, is available for purchase or for rent. You can rent one for small amount of money, but if you plan to use it for more then 5 or 6 times, I suggest you buy one. This is because you will be more convenient with one of these polishing machines on your disposal and because after several usages, the polisher will pay itself off.

A screen that goes with a buffer should be around 100 grit. It depends on the hardwood flooring, but most of them are ok with a 100 and 120 grit. Just make sure to cover all the areas equally.

The steps you need to take when buffing, meaning using your scrubber or buffer:

Clean the area with a vacuum cleaner after you finished sanding it. No dust or dirt should be on the surface.

Prepare a buffer, get used to it and feel the vibe it is working on.

Set a screen that has 100 or 120 grit.

In case you have a wax finish on your floor, remove it before you start buffing.

After you finished buffing the entire surface with a scrubber, apply wax.

This is all you need to know. There will be some other details included in this operation, but you will get to resolve them as you work. Nothing tells you more about floor buffers then actually using one and experience it by yourself.

Floor Buffer Benefits

Main tasks of a floor buffer are washing, cleaning, shampooing and drying. The results of all these actions is a fresh, clean floor that looks like a new. With the help of these polishing machines, you save a lot of time. If you had to do all the work manually, you would spend several days in order to get it all to look perfect. But since these machines are so powerful, you just need to press a button and do all the scrubbing and polishing easily.

floor buffer

These machines have a tank with a cleaner that is used on a floor. There are buffer pads who are doing the cleaning and scrubbing themselves. You will use them to clean, polish and them finish the flooring. It is a three step process that will be done with ease, because all the work is on the machine. The floor buffer will remove the dirt, polish the flooring and provide protection to the floor. And the best part is, it can deal with all the scratches and marks. Buffing is the last stage when using this machine, after that you only need to apply wax.

When it comes to models and brands, there are many of them on the market right now. We won't recommend anything to you at the moment, lets just say that there are plenty of options, with different accessories and features. Prices also vary by a large margin, so I suggest you research the market before you go for a cheap floor buffer or for unreasonably expensive floor scrubber. Decide what kind of work you will do with it and how much you will have to do. What will you need from the features and how it all fits with your budget. I suggest you start searching online, for reviews, ratings and user experiences.


What Are Floor Buffers?

If you ever had to clean your hardwood or tile floor, you know how much work that is. It is never easy to make it shiny clean, no matter how much energy and will you have to do it. And this is especially the case when you have to clean large a room or some other big surface area. The amount of work involved is quite stunning and if we want to do it properly, we need to spend entire day doing it.

But this is why we have floor buffers. Those are machines that are made for cleaning different types of flooring. They can also polish them and but the wax that will keep them shiny and new. There are all kinds of these machines, some of them are used in homes, other for commercial purposes. It all depends on the needs, or how many square feet you need to clean.

They are used for surface scrubbing, stripping and buffing. And they range from Low speed, Dual speed to High speed floors buffers. Some of them are battery operated, while others, more powerful ones, use propane as a fuel. And just like the different needs they fulfill, the price they have also ranges a lot. Some of them cost around $500, while other are even more then $4,000.

The price is determined by the specifications of a scrubbing machine. The diameter is one of the most important factors, since that determines what amount of surface can a floor buffer clean in one pass. That size ranges from 12" to a huge 27 inches in diameter. The small ones a good for homes and other places that have modest areas to clean. Bathrooms or kitchen floors are usually maintained with these. Large machines are used for commercial purposes, when there is a cleaning company in the question or a office that has a lot of floors to take care of.

There are many other features and specifications that are relevant to the buyer and user. Some of them are the motor horse power, the capacity of a cleaning tank, how much pressure pads can deliver etc. These are all details that will be important to anyone who has special needs to take care of. If you are only looking for a home floor buffer, then a most basic unit will suffice. For something more serious, you can get one of the larger machines that can cover a lot of ground and are ready to deal with tougher stains.

Some of the companies that produce these machines are: Eagle, Kent Euroclean, Hawk, NuSource, Oreck, Onyx and Sanitaire. They have a large selection of these machines and are offering something for everyone. You can find these machines on many online shops, not only on the sites of manufacturers. I suggest you read few reviews of the machines you are interested in and think about the options you have. That will be perfect for finding the best floor buffer for your needs.


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